I am Aleksey Veresov, but officially my name is spelled as Aleksei Veresov. I was born on 1999.07.03 in Sarov; however, I consider Moscow my hometown too.

I graduated from the bachelor's degree at Moscow State University under the supervision of Andrey Stolyarov. I am interested in programming languages; my thesis is about embedding Lisp into C. I have also created a library for CGI which powers this site, and a little game based on the old Zelda was made by me in a week.

I am currently studying for a master's degree at KTH.

I'm friends with Nikita Orlov. Together we often discuss programming and work on different projects, for example: we wrote a blog article on pitfalls of C (available only in Russian) with a hundred thousands views; made a little stack language compiling into machine code, and wrote a simple cipher encryptor and cracker in it; and finaly we designed and tinkered a computer and wrote an emulator for it.

My username is usually aversey. I maintain git at git.veresov.xyz.